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Is a carbon-free aviation industry really possible?

Episode 1 / 6

“Pandemic: extra time to reduce CO2 emissions of aviation sector”

Venetia Baden-Powell, Equity research associate at Goldman Sachs

Episode 2 / 6

“We must reduce air travel to meet the Paris Climate Agreement”

Aurélien Bigo, PhD in economic sciences at Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Episode 3 / 6

Aviation: can hydrogen live up to the hype?

Johnny Deschamps, Professor at the Chemistry and Processes Unit (UCP) at ENSTA Paris (IP Paris), Samuel Saysset, Lead techno advisor at ENGIE Research

Episode 4 / 6

Biofuels, an alternative that is still too expensive

Samuel Saysset, Lead techno advisor at ENGIE Research, Jean-Philippe Héraud, Process engineer at IFP Energies nouvelles, Paul Mannes, director of Total Aviation, in charge of the worldwide business line, Jérôme Bonini, Research and Technology Director, Safran aircraft engines

Episode 5 / 6

Fly easy with better aerodynamics

Marie Couliou, Research scientist at ONERA and temporary lecturer at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Episode 6 / 6

Composites for aeroplanes: light as a feather?

Patricia Krawczak, Professor in polymers and composites at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Mines-Télécom Lille Douai