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Mounim El Yacoubi
π Health and biotech π Science and technology

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's: “tommorrow, AI will detect disease”

Mounîm A. El Yacoubi, Professor at Télécom SudParis (IP Paris)
Romain Savary
π Planet

Miraculous Red Sea corals that are resisting climate change

Romain Savary, Researcher in genetics at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and AXA post-doctoral research fellow
Hervé Le Bras
π Society

“World population growth could slow from 2065 onwards”

Hervé Le Bras, Research director in demographics at EHESS and Emeritus research director at Ined
Jean François Semblat
π Planet

Earthquakes: a force of nature that can be tamed?

Jean-François Semblat, Head of mechanics and energy department at ENSTA Paris (IP Paris)
Pierre Boyer
π Economy

“Joe Biden has the power to impose his tax policy on the rest of the world”

Pierre Boyer, Professor of Economics at École polytechnique – CREST (IP Paris)
Antoine Compagnon
π Society

“Literature is standing its ground against screens”

Antoine Compagnon, Professor of French Literature and Author
Paul Ramond modifiée
π Space π Science and technology

Gravitational waves: a new era for astronomy

Paul Ramond, PhD student at Observatoire de Paris and ENSTA Paris (IP Paris)
Graeme Nicol
π Planet π Industry

Intelligent fertilisers reduce agricultural pollution

Graeme Nicol, CNRS Research director in soil microbial ecology at Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Marie-Hélène Duprat
π Economy

Will the pandemic trap economies in secular stagnation?

Marie-Hélène Duprat, Senior Advisor to the Chief Economist at Société Générale
Pierre Dockès
π Economy

“The climate challenge is an opportunity for capitalism”

Pierre Dockès, Honorary Professor of Economic History at the University of Lyon 2