Innovation in defence: how start-ups are making their mark

On May 17th, 2022 4 mins reading time

Fifty years ago, many of the technologies used in the civilian sector came from defence. Today, we are witnessing the opposite.

Etienne Minvielle

Remote monitoring: how to better care for patients at home

Etienne Minvielle, CNRS Research Director at the Centre for Management Research of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (I³-CRG*)

On May 17th, 2022 3 mins reading time

Why Software Heritage is creating a global software archive

Stefano Zacchiroli, Professor in computer science at Télécom Paris (IP Paris)

On May 11th, 2022 4 mins reading time

Software Heritage is the global library of Source Code. Its goal: to protect, preserve and share all open source software.

Hélène Lœvenbruck

Is our inner voice our conscience?

Hélène Lœvenbruck, CNRS Research Director and Head of the Language team at the Laboratory of Psychology and Neurocognition in Grenoble

On May 11th, 2022 5 mins reading time

Economics and the challenge of moral values

David Thesmar, Professor of Financial Economics, Sloan School of Management (MIT)

On May 4th, 2022 5 mins reading time

What can economic thought gain from considering the confrontation between efficiency and values? Could it could enable economics to better inform political debates?


Multi-photon microscopy to better treat diseases 

Chiara Stringari, Researcher at the Laboratory of Optics and Biosciences (LOB*) at École Polytechnique (IP Paris)

On May 4th, 2022 4 mins reading time

Will agriculture find its salvation in mathematics?

Jérémie Wainstain, PhD in Physics and Founder of Thegreendata

On April 26th, 2022 5 mins reading time

In a context marked by climate change, a series of issues in agriculture lay ahead: food security, agro-ecology, decarbonisation, soil restoration.

Pierre Henriquet

Particle physics in everyday life

Pierre Henriquet, Doctor in Nuclear Physics

On April 26th, 2022 4 mins reading time

IPCC report: three things you need to know

Philippe Drobinski, CNRS Research Director at the Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory (LMD*) and Professor at Ecole Polytechnique (IP Paris), Patricia Crifo, Professor of Economics at École Polytechnique (IP Paris), Researcher at CREST (CNRS) and Associate Researcher at CIRANO, Julie Mayer, Researcher and Lecturer at I³-CRG* at École Polytechnique (IP Paris)

On April 21st, 2022 4 mins reading time

The latest IPCC report proposes solutions to combat global warming. One message stands out: we can still act, but we must do so now.

Laurent Fulcheri

“Turquoise hydrogen” a viable solution without CO2 ?

Laurent Fulcheri, Research director at PERSEE, MINES-ParisTech

On April 21st, 2022 4 mins reading time

30% of global food production is wasted

Laurence Gouthière, Head of Research for Food Waste at ADEME

On April 13th, 2022 4 mins reading time

In France, 10 million tons of food were lost or wasted in 2016, representing 19% of the country’s food production.

Paul Ramond modifiée

Satellites: why are ‘Lagrange points’ so important?

Paul Ramond, Post-doctoral Fellow in astrophysics at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL

On April 13th, 2022 5 mins reading time

How to provide access to patients health data

Emmanuel Didier, Sociologist, CNRS Research Director and member of the Maurice Halbwachs Centre at EHESS

On April 6th, 2022 3 mins reading time

In 2019, the French government launched the Health Data Hub to provide access to health data for both research and businesses.

Pierre Henriquet

Mining in space: can we do it?

On April 6th, 2022 4 mins reading time

Three possible ways of turning back the clocks of ageing

Andrew Steele, PhD in physics from the University of Oxford, Science Writer and Presenter

On March 30th, 2022 4 mins reading time

Here are three ideas to watch which could one day soon be turning back your biological clock.

Valérie Gitenay

Why traditional banks still outcompete FinTechs

Valérie Gitenay, consultant in strategy and transformation, expert in the banking sector and engineer from Telecom SudParis

On March 30th, 2022 4 mins reading time

Russian metals: another headache for manufacturers

Emmanuel Hache, Economic analyst at IFP Énergies nouvelles

On March 23rd, 2022 3 mins reading time

Russia is a major exporter of a long list of metals, so it is not clear which of them will have the greatest impact on world trade.

Maria Melchior

What is the role of prevention in health policies?

Maria Melchior, Epidemiologist specialised in Mental Health at Inserm

On March 23rd, 2022 3 mins reading time
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