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What are the next challenges for AI?

Episode 1 / 6

Are artificial intelligence and human intelligence comparable?

Daniel Andler, Professor emeritus in Philosophy of Science at Sorbonne Université, Maxime Amblard, Professor of Computer Science at Université de Lorraine, Annabelle Blangero, PhD in Neuroscience and Data Science Manager at Ekimetrics

Episode 2 / 6

Machine Learning: can we correct biases?

Stephan Clémençon, Professor of Applied Mathematics at Télécom Paris (IP Paris)

Episode 3 / 6

AI Act: how Europe wants to regulate machines

Winston Maxwell, Director of Rights and Digital Studies at Télécom Paris (IP Paris)

Episode 4 / 6

“Decisions made by algorithms must be justified”

Isabelle Bloch, Professor at Sorbonne University (Chair in Artificial Intelligence)

Episode 5 / 6

Artificial intelligence: a tool for domination or emancipation?

Lê Nguyên Hoang, Co-founder and President of, Victor Berger, Post-doctoral researcher at CEA Saclay, Giada Pistilli, PhD student at Sorbonne University affiliated with the CNRS Science, Norms, Democracy laboratory

Episode 6 / 6

When algorithms replace humans, what is at stake? 

Véronique Steyer, Associate Professor in Innovation Management at École Polytechnique (IP Paris), Milie Taing, Founder and CEO of

π Science and technology π Digital

Demystifying generative AI: true, false, uncertain

Laure Soulier, Senior Lecturer at Sorbonne University in the "Machine Learning and Information Access" team

On February 7th, 2024
4 min reading time

Is generative AI an intelligent revolution? Should we be wary of it? Find out in this article.

π Digital π Society

Will we live on in the form of virtual avatars?

Laurence Devillers, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Sorbonne University

On February 7th, 2024
5 min reading time

What happens to a person’s digital data after they die? Advances in AI have taken the digital preservation of the dead to a new level.

π Digital π Society π Geopolitics

The ways AI will change the future of work

Janine Berg, Economist with the International Labour Organisation (UN)

On January 10th, 2024
4 min reading time

ILO economists have predicted that AI could transform 10-13% of professions worldwide.

π Science and technology π Digital

5 breakthroughs made possible by quantum technologies

On November 7th, 2023
6 min reading time

Research into quantum physics is leading to advances in many areas of research and development.

π Science and technology π Digital

Towards a quantum internet thanks to teleportation

Sophie Hermans, AWS Quantum Postdoctoral Scholar at IQIM (Caltech)

On October 25th, 2023
3 min reading time

Thanks to recent discoveries, researchers are developing a quantum internet in which “qubits” will be sent by quantum teleportation.

π Digital π Society

Can we develop our intuition to counter misinformation?

Patrice Georget, Lecturer in Psychosociology at the University School of Management IAE Caen

On October 25th, 2023
9 min reading time

Combating misinformation means asking three questions about knowledge: what to trust, how to trust and who to trust.