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When algorithms replace humans, what is at stake? 

Véronique Steyer, Associate Professor in Innovation Management at École Polytechnique (IP Paris), Milie Taing, Founder and CEO of

On March 22nd, 2023
4 min reading time

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly involved in our daily decisions but raises practical and ethical issues.

π Digital π Society

Cheating or chatting: is ChatGPT a threat to education?

Julien Grimaud, Assistant Professor of Life Sciences at Sup’Biotech, Pavla Debeljak, Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics at Sup'Biotech, Frank Yates, Director of Research at Sup’Biotech Engineering School

On March 15th, 2023
9 min reading time

AI-based chatbots represent a new route for those willing to cheat by asking questions about assignments or tests.

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Zero-knowledge: the solution to privacy problems on Blockchain?

Daniel Augot, Research Director at Inria and Co-head of the Blockchain Chair

On March 9th, 2023
4 min reading time

This concept used in cryptocurrency allows us to prove the existence of certain information without disclosing it.

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Cybersecurity flaws make French industry vulnerable

Jean-Luc Gibernon, cybersecurity director at Sopra Steria and administrator of the Cyber Campus, Guillaume Poupard, former director of Anssi, the French national agency for information systems security

On March 2nd, 2023
5 min reading time

In 2022, there was an estimated 26% increase in computer attacks. This is partly because the digital transition is not always accompanied by appropriate cybersecurity.

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Cryptocurrencies: why you should know about rollups

Daniel Augot, Research Director at Inria and Co-head of the Blockchain Chair

On February 15th, 2023
4 min reading time

This technique, decisive for the future of cryptocurrency, makes it possible that in a single transaction, thousands of others are initiated and confirmed.

π Digital π Economics

How national infrastructure is avoiding “digital fractures” 

Pierre-Jean Benghozi, CNRS Research Director at I³-CRG* and Professor of Digital Economics at École Polytechnique (IP Paris) and the University of Geneva

On February 9th, 2023
5 min reading time

In 2015, 77.6% of the French population was not connected to a broadband telecommunications network. In this context, some objectives have been set in 2013.