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Karine Gallopel-Morvan
π Health and biotech π Society

New Zealand: the first tobacco-free generation?

Karine Gallopel-Morvan, Professor in Social Marketing at EHESP and member of the Haut conseil de santé publique

On June 15th, 2021
4 mins reading time
Etienne Klein
π Society

“Our desire for truthfulness makes us suspicious of institutions”

Etienne Klein, Philosopher of science and Professor of Physics at CEA

On June 7th, 2021
5 mins reading time
π Science and technology π Society

Can we know if our universe is a simulation?

David Kipping, Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Columbia University

On May 27th, 2021
5 mins reading time

In 2003, Nick Bostrom imagined a technologically advanced civilisation capable of simulating new realities. Can we know if we are in one?

Hervé Le Bras
π Society

“World population growth could slow from 2065 onwards”

Hervé Le Bras, Research director in demographics at EHESS and Emeritus research director at Ined

On May 10th, 2021
3 mins reading time
π Society

“Literature is standing its ground against screens”

Antoine Compagnon, Professor of French Literature and Author

On April 28th, 2021
4 mins reading time

Contrary to what we may hear, literature has not yet been outcompeted by screens. Author and literature expert, Antoine compagnon, explains why.

Cécile Chamaret
π Society π Digital

Understanding resistance to innovation

Cécile Chamaret, Lecturer in marketing and consumer behaviour at the Management Research Centre of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (I³-CRG*) at the École Polytechnique (IP Paris)

On February 16th, 2021
3 mins reading time