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Henri Verdier
π Society π Science and technology

Are we moving towards global regulation of AI?

Henri Verdier, Ambassador for the Digital Sector and founding member of the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster
π Energy π Planet

Hydrogen and ammonia: the risk of climate-damaging leaks

Didier Hauglustaine, Physicist and CNRS Research Director, Fabien Paulot, Atmospheric Chemistry Researcher at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton
Emmanuel Hache
π Geopolitics π Economics

The BRICS+: economic alliance or future private club of raw materials?

Emmanuel Hache, Assistant and Economist-Prospector at IFP Énergies nouvelles and Research Director at IRIS, Candice Roche, Research Fellow in Geopolitics of Metals and Ecological Transition at IFPEN
π Health and biotech π Society

“Sport brings as much to science as science brings to sport”

Vincent Nougier, Professor at Grenoble Alpes University and former Head of the CNRS Sport & Activité Physique research group
Thierry Gacoin
π Science and technology

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023: what's in it for industry?

Thierry Gacoin, Professor of Materials Science in the Physics and Chemistry Departments of École Polytechnique (IP Paris)
Jimmy Bordarie
π Science and technology π Society π Neuroscience

Myths and facts about hypersensitivity

Jimmy Bordarie, Lecturer in Social Psychology at Université de Tours, Colette Aguerre, Lecturer in Clinical Psychopathology at Université Tours
Mikaël Compo
π Health and biotech

Understanding collective emotions to optimise sports performance

Mickaël Campo, Lecturer at the Faculty of Sports Sciences (Université de Bourgogne) and President of the French Society of Sports Psychology (SFPS)
Johan Bregeon
π Space π Science and technology

The largest digital camera ever built will shed new light on the universe

Johan Bregeon, Research Fellow in Observational Cosmology at Grenoble Laboratory of Subatomic Physics and Cosmology
Estelle Peyrard
π Society π Industry

Gender, disability, seniors: inclusive innovation finds its place in business

Estelle Peyrard, Research Associate at Institut Interdisciplinaire de l'Innovation at l'École Polytechnique (IP Paris)
Jadu dash
π Planet

What impact does climate change have on the seasons?

Jadu Dash, Professor of remote sensing in geography and environmental sciences at University of Southampton