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Giancarlo rizza

Giancarlo Rizza

Researcher at CEA specialised in 4D additive manufacturing

Giancarlo Rizza is a specialist in 4D additive manufacturing, electron microscopy and nanostructuring. For ten years, he created and directed the interdisciplinary microscopy centre at École Polytechnique (CimeX). In this framework, he coordinated the Nan'eau project (labelled strategic by the Université Paris-Saclay) for the development of a multi-correlative microscopy platform (optical, electronic and X-ray). Giancarlo Rizza has also collaborated with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He is a member of the steering committee of the international conference "Radiation Effects in Insulators" (REI), of the Groupement National de Recherche (GdR) NACRE (Nanocrystals in dielectrics for electronics and optics) and of the "Chaire Arts&Sciences" of the Ecole Polytechnique-ENSAD-Fondation Carasso. In this context, he develops the use of intelligent materials in research-creation practices and is interested in their dissemination in scientific conferences as a means of communication with society.