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Loic Henriet

Loïc Henriet

CTO at Pasqal

Dr. Loïc Henriet holds an MSc in Physics at Ecole Normale Supérieure and Ecole Polytechnique, and a PhD in Theoretical Quantum Physics from Ecole Polytechnique. During his PhD, he focused on developing theoretical and numerical methods to describe the dynamics of many-body quantum systems. This area of research constitutes one of the main applications of Pasqal devices, as the simulation of interacting quantum systems is notoriously difficult on classical computers and could benefit from a direct implementation on a quantum device. He subsequently joined the research group of Prof. Darrick E. Chang at the Institute for photonics sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona, Spain where he worked on describing the emergence of collective quantum effects in light-matter systems. A strong focus was devoted to cold-atomic systems, such as the one at the heart of Pasqal technology. He joined PASQAL in 2019. As the CTO, he is in charge of the technology roadmap of the company.