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Ricardo Arévalo

Associate Professor at the University of Maryland

As a hybrid between a classically trained geochemist and a mission-oriented planetary scientist, my research ambitions are multifaceted. I continue to be interested in refining our understanding of the architecture of the Earth’s mantle, both today and in the geological past, but I also attempt to constrain other planetary processes through the exploitation of well-defined geochemical systems/proxies. More specifically, my laboratory research relies on the development of innovative analytical protocols and the advancement of pioneering technologies/instrumentation to: 1) characterize the organic content in planetary materials (natural, synthetic, and analog samples); 2) quantify ultratrace element abundances (down to sub-ppb levels); and, 3) measure non-traditional stable isotopes, via highly precise and accurate laser ablation mass spectrometry. I have become deeply invested in the development of miniaturized pulsed laser systems as well as a variety of game-changing mass analyzers that promise to revolutionize our understanding of our planetary neighborhood.