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Cécile Chamaret
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Resistance: how to encourage uptake of new innovations 

Cécile Chamaret, Professor in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Ecole Polytechnique (IP Paris), Étienne Bressoud, Head of Marketing Science at Institut BVA
Pierre Henriquet
π Space

How humans will live on the Moon

Pierre Henriquet, Doctor in Nuclear Physics and Columnist at Polytechnique Insights
Aurélien Bigo
π Industry π Planet

Why we need to decarbonise freight transport, and how

Aurélien Bigo, Research Associate of the Energy and Prosperity Chair at Institut Louis Bachelier
π Economics π Geopolitics

War in Ukraine: how to forecast the impact on the world economy?

Raul Sampognaro, economist in the analysis and forecasting department of the OFCE
π Digital π Planet

AI, a new asset for weather forecasters

Samuel Morin, Director of Centre national de recherches météorologiques (CNRM)
Lina Hadid
π Space π Science and technology

BepiColombo mission: next stop, Mercury!

Lina Hadid, CNRS Research Fellow at the Plasma Physics Laboratory (LPP)
π Science and technology π Space

Better weather predictions with a new fleet of European satellites

Sébastien Léas, weather forecaster at Météo-France
π Society π Health and biotech

What are the psychological impacts of climate change?

Susan Clayton, Professor of Psychology at the College of Wooster, Ohio, Jessica Newberry Le Vay, Climate Change and Health Junior Policy Fellow at Imperial College London, Jyoti Mishra, founder and director of the NEATLabs at UC San Diego
π Energy π Science and technology

How recycling solar panels will help preserve energy security in Europe

Daniel Bajolet, Member of SAGSI (China) and Co-founder of ROSI
π Economics

Why inflation in the US and the eurozone are not the same

Patrick Artus, Head Economist at Natixis