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Franck Multon

Inria Research Director at Université de Rennes

Franck Multon obtained his PhD in computer science from Université de Rennes1 in 1998. He is a professor at Université de Rennes2, in the Department of Physical and Sports Activities Sciences and Techniques, and carries out his research in the Mouvement Sport Santé (M2S) and the Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires (IRISA) laboratories. He is in charge of the "MimeTIC" project-team, shared by Inria, Université Rennes2, Université Rennes1, and ENS Rennes. Since 2018, he is on secondment to Inria and coordinates the institute's national actions in the field of digital technology for sport. He is also co-director of the joint laboratory Nemo.AI with InterDigitalk, since 2022. He represents Inria within the "Sciences2024" grouping led by École Polytechnique. His research work focuses on the analysis and simulation of human movement, with applications in the fields of sport, ergonomics, rehabilitation and digital leisure.