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Jean-yves le porcher

Jean-Yves Le Porcher

Director of sound experience at Ircam amplify

Director of sound experience at Ircam amplify since 2023, Jean-Yves Le Porcher is a multi-disciplinary designer for 30 years. He embraces creation in all its forms, from product design to visual and sound design. A graduate of Arts Appliqués de Paris (ENSAAMA), he has led numerous design management projects, notably for Maserati, Bentley Motors, Focal, Posca, Spotify, Habitat and Château Cheval Blanc. He is also the co-creator of Les Cotoons, the Datafolk electronic music concept, and Elipson's Creative Director since 2008. Today, he leads teams of designers and graphic artists in product collection strategy, brand positioning and design guidelines. Founder of design management agency Akenomy within the Manzalab group in 2015, he was appointed creative director of Manzalab when the two companies merged in 2019.