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Lina Hadid

Lina Hadid

CNRS Research Fellow at the Plasma Physics Laboratory (LPP)

Lina Hadid did her PhD at LPP before doing two successive post-docs at the Uppsala Institute of Space Physics (IRFU, Sweden) and the European Space Agency (ESA, The Netherlands). She was then recruited (in January 2020) by the CNRS which allowed her to join the LPP space plasma team. Her research work aims to better understand the interaction processes between the solar wind and planetary magnetospheres. It is based on the analysis of in-situ wave and particle data from different instruments on board different space probes from ESA, NASA and JAXA.
*LPP: a joint research unit CNRS, École Polytechnique - Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Observatoire de Paris, Sorbonne Université, Université Paris-Saclay

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