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Laurent Bopp
π Planet π Science and technology

How to optimise CO2 capture by the ocean

Laurent Bopp, CNRS Research Director at Laboratoire de Météorologue Dynamique de l’Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace, T. Alan Hatton, Ralph Landau Professor of Chemical Engineering Practice at MIT
π Health and biotech π Neuroscience

LSD, MDMA… how psychedelic drugs can treat psychiatric disorders

Daniele Zullino, Head of Addictology in the Department of Mental Health and Psychiatry at Geneva University Hospitals
π Economics

Black-Scholes: the formula at the origin of Wall Street

Peter Tankov, Professor of quantitative finance at ENSAE (IP Paris)
Andrew Steele
π Health and biotech π Society

Biohacking: medical promises or ethical perils?

Andrew Steele, PhD in physics from the University of Oxford, Science Writer and Columnist at Polytechnique Insights
Ekatarina Ghosh
π Economics π Planet

Say on Climate: the influential role of shareholders in company policies

Ekaterina Ghosh, student in economics of smart cities and climate policies at École Polytechnique (IP Paris), Patricia Crifo, Professor of Economics at École Polytechnique (IP Paris), Researcher at CREST (CNRS) and Associate Researcher at CIRANO
Thierry Rayna
π Industry

Industry 4.0: what can be expected?

Thierry Rayna, Researcher at the CNRS i³-CRG* laboratory and Professor at École Polytechnique (IP Paris), Nicolas Jaunet, Head of Fabrication Engineering and Industry 4.0 at Michelin
π Society

Politics and science: the upcoming end-of-life legislation

Jean-François Delfraissy, Chairman of the French National Consultative Ethics Committee
π Economics π Digital

High-frequency trading: what are the risks and the returns for financial markets?

Thierry Foucault, Professor of finance at HEC Paris
π Digital π Society

How social interactions mitigate extremist views

Michele Starnini, Senior Research at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya  
π Economics π Society

What does the future hold for visual health?

Mathieu Feuillade, Director of the SciFI Lab at EssilorLuxottica R&D